hi there 👋

i'm chloe, a computing with design engineering student in final year at imperial college!

i’m currently dabbling my hands into building an open sourced cantonese input method/keyboard for my bachelors’ thesis, so if you are a cantonese enthusiast, or just someone speaking cantonese looking for a better way to type cantonese, drop me a contact!

Chloe L. on LinkedIn: Cantonese is my mother tongue, its something that I've learned for

<aside> 📑 if you are looking for the old fashioned stuff, they are here at CV, GitHub, LinkedIn


<aside> 🔤 Cantonese is my mother tongue, it’s something that I've learned for the past 2 decades but still struggle to use absolutely perfectly.

For the past few years, I'm been trying to regain my identity with my mother tongue, living in the UK for the past 5 years made me lose grip of the language, and for this, I decided to dedicate my thesis to my mother tongue, extending more open-sourced keyboards and making typing Cantonese easier, to everyone, native or diaspora.

If you are a Cantonese enthusiast, struggling to find a better way to type accurately and effectively, or if you are researching in the area of Computational Linguistics or Cantonese, please do reach out!

Would very much like to keep Cantonese alive!


<aside> 🉐 粵語/廣東話雖然係我母語,但係佢係一個經歷廿載歷練都唔會完美掌控到嘅語言。





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You can find me via [firstname].[lastname]@jsecs.org.

want to reach out for opportunities?

Please send me a connection request on LinkedIn, telling me who you are.

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